We built RedDoor, and the crowdsourcing community that its become because here in Toronto, and really across the country, its really hard to discover basic data about home prices on your own.  If you talk to your American friends, they've had access to this type of information for a long time.  

If we all share a little info, over time, we can build our own map of home data that will benefit everyone.  

We also believe you should have all the details, all the "comparables" and any home-sold information available to you, without having to always rely on experts.  

In fact, if you have access to this information we believe your relationship with your agent (if you choose to work with one) will be better and more informed. 

And because we think your generous gesture should be rewarded, we have found wonderful causes and organizations in your own backyard, and taken your little donations of information and transformed them into real change, by supporting them through meaningful donations.

For every piece of data you share, you are contributing to a cause that will impact you and your neighbours.  


We hope you decide to share.

Because the more we work together, the more positive change we can bring to Toronto!


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